“Eating is a political act”. (M. Pollan)

How familiar are you with sustainable diets, alternative agricultural systems and food sovereignty?
As responsible citizens and concerned consumers, we must be informed how our food is produced, by whom, and what environmental, economical and political impact it has.

Join us for the Agroecology Nights event-series and get inspired by discussions with guest speakers active in alternative agricultural systems as farmers, consumers’ associations, researchers, academics, and civil society organizations.

Agroecology Nights are co-organised by Védegylet (Protect the Future Association) and the Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU and will feature 4 events from November to March.

THE FIRST EVENT will be on November 15th at 17.30 – 20.00 Nádor 13 Gellner Room.

Guest speakers:
Dòra Dexler – ÖMKI, Hungarian Organic Agriculture Research Institute
Róbert Szűcs-Winkler – Felelős Gasztrohős , Responsible Gastro-Heroes
Logan Strenchock – Zsámboki Biokert, Organic Farm of Zsámbok